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Innovation Development


New Products
New Ideas
New Business Concepts and Revenue Streams
New Target Markets
Innovation Training
Creating an Innovative Environment

Innovative product marketing
Out of the box thinking for marketing your products

Product transformation
Rejuvenate a product that needs a new direction or some new life

We have an especially strong expertise base in:

Mobile Transaction Systems & Security
Mobile handsets and other mobile devices are ideal for conducting transactions. Mobile transaction applications are an essential part of your strategy. It is very important thought that the hardware and software are developed in the right way. The system must be designed with users, profitability and simplicity in mind. Errors in this process are costly in terms of time and money. We will help you avoid these costly errors.

RFID-NFC Transaction Systems
Transaction systems are complex and require a great deal of expertise to design properly. We have that expertise and can design these transaction systems to be successful in a competitive market.

RFID Digital Ticketing and Access Control Systems
The ticketing business is changing quickly. Customers demand new security features as well as loyalty, couponing, usage tracking and speed. We know this business inside and out and can help you upgrade your systems to meet these new demands.

Loyalty Systems Design and Development
Great loyalty systems to do not just happen. They need to be designed and created with creativity, practicality and a long term view to the future. We have designed many such loyalty systems and can do so for you.

Identity Theft And Fraud Prevention Systems
We have developed the most secure transaction system in the world. We can help you with yours.

Offshore product development in China, India, North America and Europe.
Developing products offshore is a challenging task fraught with many potential pitfalls. We can choose the vendors and manage the teams for you and be sure to avoid these potential problems. Our expertise includes development of: electronic hardware, embedded software, and firmware. We can also develop develop server software, databases, SOA based systems, PCI compliant transaction software, API's for transaction systems and web interfaces.


Innovation & Strategy
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